Purchase Recital Tickets!

Public ticket sales begin May 7, 2016 9:00 AM.

$14 adults
$7.00 Children 12-4
3-under Free Lap child only please. If you would like a seat please purchase a child’s ticket!

Ticket will also be sold at the door for $19.00 adult- $9.00 12-4 and 3 and under free! Free tickets are lap children only!
This is are first time with an online company and we are excited that you will not have to tail gate or wait in a long line on you busy Saturday! We are at Elliott so we will not sell out:) If you have any question please call tututix at the number below!

  • Go online to your ticketing page at www.tututix.com/FlipDMG, or
  • Call our toll free call center at 855.222.2849


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