The DMG Lafayette pre-school program is for children 3 to 5 years old. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis.

Days and Times:

Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-11:30.

If there is enough interest a class will be added on Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 11:30.


Girls should wear a gymnastics leotard with a pair of shorts. Boys should wear a T-shirt and shorts. A sweatshirt should be brought for all children for cool days.


$150 for 4 weeks
Price includes 4 hours of instruction per week plus 1 hour of dance and gymnastics per week. There is also a supply fee of $42 covering costs for materials and snacks provided by DMG.

Supplies List:

1 crayon box, a box of 24 Crayola Crayons, 4 Dixon Ticonderoga Beginners Primary Wood case pencils, 5 Elmers disappearing glue sticks, 1 package of dry erase markers, 2 folders, 1 book bag that can fit folders.

Our Curriculum:

Language and Listening

Students will start to recognize letters and sounds. Word recognition and phonics will also be touched upon. A variety of approaches, such as music, stories, small group instruction and games, will be used in order to reach all styles of learners.

Science and Sensory:

It is important for students to get a grasp on their surroundings through experimenting with their five senses. In our science and sensory component, students will learn how things look, feel, smell, taste and sound. They will also start learning how simple machines work. Students will also learn about plants, animals, insects, weather, and nutrition.


Students will learn to recognize, count, write, and order numbers 0 through 10. They will also start to learn addition concepts through the use of manipulatives. We will also work on skip counting with 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.

Social Skills:

Students will start to understand feelings and ways of communicating them to others. They will be working in small groups in order to learn to work cooperatively and share with other students. Students will also work on remembering their telephone number and address in case of an emergency.

Motor Skills:

Through the hour of gymnastics and dance classes each week your child will start to develop large motor skills such as skipping, jumping, hopping, hand/eye coordination and ball handling skills. There is also a creative movement component to the dance program which will include every style of dance. In addition students will also be working on fine motor skills such as tracing, working with puzzles, coloring, cutting, printing and writing the alphabet while in the classroom.


Students will experiment with colors, shapes, and textures through a variety of hand-on activities. They will develop their own sense of creative expression, as well as learn basic concepts such as cutting and coloring.

How to sign up:

Stop by either of our DMG locations on Meijer Drive or Tazer Drive to sign up. Space is limited so sign up fast!

At the time of sign- up you will need to fill out a registration form and pay a Registration fee of $45.00, as well as the first four weeks of class fees of $150.00.